MSTC Yammer Network

What is Yammer?

Yammer is a private social network where you can easily start discussions, create/join groups focused on technologies you're interested in or on community topics, and share information across the entire MSTC network.

How Do I Join?

Access to the MSTC Yammer network is by invitation only. All MSTC members are being invited automatically. If you haven't seen an invitation yet, please contact the helpdesk at

Already Registered for MSTC network?

If you've already registered for the MSTC Yammer network, great! Go ahead and click on the "Go To Yammer" button below.

Have a Yammer account, but new to MSTC network?

If you already have a Yammer account, but haven't registered for the MSTC Yammer network, click on the "Registration How-To" under Additional Information, then follow the "Option 2" instructions.

Additional Information on Yammer

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